Vampire Ruler Speechs







Is this a code ?? I don’t know but it is complying .


Not 33 but a lot of Codes

Take Care Of Our InterneT


The Internet is our greatest tool to shine our “Golden light” in the “Vampires darkness””.

So for every one “Entertainment” site or Vid, or check out. due one.

On research, something  that intrigues you.

and vice versa if your into researching topics, chill out once in a while,

and do something entertaining so that we can fully use,

& enjoy while  also protecting our Internet.

ALT-News & Podcast Non-Vampiric

{Late Night in The Midland}

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Michael Vara


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{No Agenda Show}

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{WE’LL DO IT LIVE – The REAL Alternative Podcast{]

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Red Pill Revolution


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{Joe Rogan Experience}

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